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Aachen City Map

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Aachen City Map


Detailed Aachen City Map (Germany) in vector file format you can edit in your own design software. Your topographic plan at street level contains editable layers for each cartographic category like roads, buildings, rivers, points of interests et cetera. This Aachen City Vector Map includes not only the city centre, but the suburbs as well. 

Only accept the most accurate map. Therefore, we take five working days to incorporate the latest changes in a city map. This is what makes Map Illustrator stand out from other suppliers.

Specifications of the Vector Aachen City Map

  • File format: Adobe Illustrator CC, other file formats like .jpg, .pdf, .png or .eps are available on request
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Scale: 1:15.000
  • Publishing date: May 2016
  • Online delivery period: five working days / by downloadable link


  • Save money: save tremendous time and money designing or printing your own city map
  • No surprises: up-to-date, complete and high resolution cartography
  • High quality: scale, crop or zoom to virtually any size without loss in detail or quality
  • Copyright free: buy once, use as much as possible
  • No risk: 30 days money back guarantee, no questions, no hassle 

Aachen facts

Aachen is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, at the point where Germany borders on Belgium and the Netherlands. Historically this spa-town was a prominent city, the place where the German Kings were crowned, and a famously favored residence of Charlemagne who still lies buried in the impressive cathedral he himself had built. The city is packed with historic sights that remind of those days, including medieval buildings, city gates and beautiful fountains. Today, Aachen has become a pleasant mix of historic (often Baroque) grandeur and modern innovation. It has a population of 246,000 and is home to a large and highly regarded university. In French the city is known as Aix-la-Chapelle or Aquisgrán, whereas its Dutch name is Aken.


Aachen was the winter capital of Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor from 800 to 814 AD. The city lies at the borders of Germany with Belgium and the Netherlands, forming the economic region called the Euregio.

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