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Custom Map Sydney


Tell us which area you want to be mapped! Your custom map contains the motorways, primary, secondary, tertiary roads, points of interest and geographical elements like rivers, lakes, forests, parks etcetera. Each map element is editable in Adobe Illustrator. 

Please take care that you enter the coordinates of the extent you want to be mapped and the scale of the map at the order form in the field "Add a note to your order".

Check the video tutorial how to define the extent of your custom map

Specifications of your custom made map

  • File format: Adobe Illustrator CC, other file formats like .jpg, .pdf, .png or .eps are available on request
  • File size depends on the extent and scale
  • Online delivery period: two working days - by downloadable link


  • Save money: save tremendous time and money designing or printing your own city map
  • No surprises: up-to-date, complete and high-resolution cartography
  • High quality: scale, crop or zoom to virtually any size without loss of detail or quality
  • Copyright free: buy once, use as much as possible
  • No risk: 30 days money back guarantee, no questions, no hassle

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