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Illustrator Vector Map Deodoro Olympic Park


Our map designers created a highly accurate and detailed venue map of the Deodoro Olympic area in Rio de Janeiro. Are you a designer, journalist, marketeer or working in the travel industry? This editable vector map will save you days of work documenting and illustrating your Olympic stories.

Your benefits:

  • Our maps are ready to print at a high resolution
  • Each map can be fully customized changing the color, line thickness, size or icons into your own house style
  • Highly accurate; our maps are based on the latest satellite images and input of local cartographers
  • Free updates of the Rio venues maps if the infrastructure changes
  • Royalty-free vector maps; buy once, unlimited use

Specifications of Our Editable Printable Vector Maps

  • File format: Adobe Illustrator CC, other file formats like .jpg, .pdf, .png or .eps are available on request
  • File size: 638 kb
  • Scale: 1:2.750
  • Publishing date: May 2016

Map of the Deodoro Regio Olympic Games

The construction of venues for the Rio 2007 Pan American Games left a legacy of sports infrastructure in the region. With the Rio 2016 Games, the existing sports legacy will be expanded, encouraging young people from the deprived parts of the neighborhood  to participate in sporting activities even more. The creation of the X-Park, to be located inside Deodoro Sports Complex, will reinforce local youngsters’ prospects for social and sporting development. Covering an area of 500,000 sq m, this will be  the city’s second largest park, behind Flamengo Park. In Deodoro, the benefits will reach the greatest concentration of young people in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro.

Also located in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, the Deodoro zone relies on train lines to connect the neighbourhood to the centre and, from there, using other modes of transport, the rest of the city. The venue construction for the 2007 Pan and Parapan American  Games is being used for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Among the newly built venues, the X-Park deserves a special mention. Home to canoe slalom, BMX and mountain bike, after the Games the area will be transformed into the second largest park in the city, with a total space of 500,000 square metres open for use by the population – a necessity for the region, which is densely populated and in need of leisure space.

Field Hockey Center
Competition: field hockey

National Shooting Center
Competition: Olympic and Paralympic shooting

National Equest rian Center
Competitions: jumping, dressage, and eventing

Deodoro Arena
Competitions: women’s basketball preliminary
games, modern pentathlon fencing, and
wheelchair fencing

Modern Pentathlon Aquatics Center
Competition: modern pentathlon swimming

Olympic BMX Center
Competition: cycling – BMX

Olympic Canoe Slalom Stadium
Competition: canoe slalom

Mountain Bike Circuit
Competition: mountain bike

Rugby & Modern Pentathlon Arena
Competitions: rugby, modern pentathlon
equestrian competitions, modern pentathlon
race, modern pentathlon shooting, and
7-a-side soccer

Deodoro Sports Complex Map

We designed a map of the Deodoro Sports Complex that will host 11 Olympic and four Paralympic sports. Three permanent and two temporary facilities will be built. Another four existing ones will be remodeled. The Complex already hosted competitions as part of the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2011 World Military Games. As a result, approximately 60 per cent of the permanent venues needed for the Rio 2016 Games already exist.

The Field Hockey Center, National Shooting Center, Equestrian Center and Modern  Pentathlon Swimming Pool are already in place and will undergo some simple adaptation. Just 40 per cent of the permanent venues are yet to be built: the BMX Track, Canoe Slalom Circuit, and Deodoro Arena.

The Mountain Bike Track and Rugby and Modern Pentathlon Arena will be temporary venues, built only for the Games. After the Games, Cariocas will gain the second largest public park in the city. The X-Park, a major sports legacy covering around 500,000 sq m, will feature the  Canoe Slalom Circuit and BMX Track, maintained for the use of athletes and the general public.

Maps of Olympic Areas – Rio Olympic Games 2016

We also offer editable vector maps of the three other Olympic regions.

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