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Detailed Illustrator Map of the Barra Region in Rio de Janeiro

Barra Games Map Olympics RIO

In the Barra region, Games-related projects include the construction of the Olympic Park, Athletes’ Village, Golf Course and Athletes’ Park. Within the Olympic Park, the city government is building new facilities in partnership with the private sector and the Federal Government, in addition to adapting some existing ones. The Olympic Park’s main legacy will be a permanent facility for Brazilian and South American sport: the Olympic Training Center.

Barra Olympic Park

Competitons venues

The three sports pavilions under construction, which will host a variety of competitions, as well as the Velodrome, Tennis Center and Maria Lenk Aquatics Center, will together make up the Olympic Training Center after the Games.  Designed to train future generations of elite athletes and to host international competitions, it will be the most modern training center in Latin America and the first of its kind in Brazil.

In addition to the sports legacy, the city will benefit from road, urban and housing improvements, a mobility legacy, and the educational legacy resulting from the transformation of the Handball Arena into four municipal schools, as provided for in the  Public Policies Plan. All these new infrastructural elements will be shown on the new Barra region Olympic Games map.

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The following Olympic venues and facilities are located in the Barra region: the Tennis Center, Velodrome, Handball Arena, Aquatics Center, Maria Lenk Aquatics Center, Rio Arena, three sports pavilions, the International  Broadcast Center, Main Press Center and a hotel, as well as the golf course.

Barra da Tijuca will be the epicentre of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Situated in the west region of the city, the area will host the majority of the competitions across its 15 venues, including those located in the Barra Olympic Park and  Riocentro. The area will also have fundamental non-sporting venues, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Village, the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and the Main Press Centre (MPC). Surrounded by lagoons and mountains, Barra  has a scenery that combines extensive nature and urban development, and it will be the home of athletes in Rio.

Barra Olympic Park Map

The Barra Olympic Park Map shows an area of 1.18 million sq m in Barra da Tijuca, and is the heart of the Rio Olympics. The site will have a set of nine sports venues, including seven new ones: the Tennis Center, Velodrome and three sports pavilions, which will be permanent;  and the temporary Handball Arena and Aquatics Center.

The construction of the Olympic Park, which will host 16 Olympic and 10 Paralympic sports, will leave the city with a series of benefits. The permanent sports legacy will be delivered after  the Games, when the three sports pavilions, along with the Velodrome, Tennis Center and Maria Lenk Aquatics Center, will make up the Olympic Training Center.

The rest of the area will be restructured and transformed into a new neighborhood the size of Leme (an existing Rio neighborhood near Copacabana). The new residential area will set the benchmark for the city in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and accessibility, and it will be served by two BRT lines.

Sports pavilion 1
Competitions: basketball, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby

Sports pavilion 2
Competitions: judo, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, boccia and Paralympic judo

Sports pavilion 3
Competitions: fencing, taekwondo and sitting volleyball Velodrome Competitions: track cycling and track para-cycling

Aquatics Center
Competitions: Olympic and Paralympic swimming and water polo

Tennis Center
Competitions: tennis, 5-a-side soccer and wheelchair tennis

Handball Arena
Competitions: handball and goalball

Arena Rio
Competitions: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, and wheelchair basketball

Maria Lenk Aquatics Center
Competitions: diving and synchronized swimming

Maps of Olympic Areas - Rio Olympic Games 2016

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