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Just released: Editable Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games Map

Designers, journalists, art directors are pleased to use the most accurate and detailed map of Rio de Janeiro they can edit for each layer to document and illustrate their story, news or documentary online or in print.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - May 4, 2016 - Map Illustrator, a company well-known for designing maps has announced their high resolution vector city map of Rio de Janeiro as part of the Rio 2016 Maps Bonus Pack.

When individuals look at these maps created by this company, many times, they wonder how they were able to obtain the images. The digital vector maps are created based on local resources and satellite images. Each one of the maps contain editable city maps of Metropolitan area of Rio the Janeiro in Adobe Illustrator. By using Adobe Illustrator, designers will be able to customize the map, without any help. Individuals who need a specific part of the city can have Map Illustrator customize it for them.

Rio 2016 Maps Bonus Pack

Save days of work documenting and illustrating your Olympic stories. We designed a comprehensive set of maps and vector images for the RIO 2016 games. This Olympic Games Maps Bonus Pack contains Adobe Illustrator map files of:

- The metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil including all the Olympic Venues at a scale of 1:16.500 editable layers and a relief / terrain image
-The Olympic Venues - Barra Olympic Park, Copacabana Olympic Zone, Deodoro Olympic Park and Maracana Olympic Area at a scale of 1:2.750 editable layers
-Brazil at a scale of 1:1.000.000 editable layers
-Rio de Janeiro Olympic overview map including all the Olympic Venues

-The Olympic Games 2016 Rio logo in vector format
-Vector icons of all the Olympic sports

Download the map at

When comparing these maps to other digital maps, the maps created by Map Illustrator are more detailed and not only do they contain the city centres, they also contain the suburbs, street names, railways, churches, rivers, relief and terrain info, hotels, police stations, train stations, subway stations, bus stop, universities, leisure and sport stadiums, hospitals, ferries, important buildings, musea etc. All complete editable in layers

Previous customers have used their maps in brochures, travel guides, apps, games, presentations, etc.

Check the video of this vector map 

About Map Illustrator

Map Illustrator has a team of high quality map designers. They create high quality maps for every city in the world. The maps are editable and can be customized to fit the customers' needs.

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